Yep, I can build that.

It all comes down to that magic phrase, "Yep, I can build that."

I firmly believe that there is nothing we can't build, and it's our pleasure to prove it to anyone who will give us the opportunity.

Below you will find a small selection of the recent projects we have completed. If you have any questions about any of them please don't hesitate to ask!

Corporate Gift Birdhouses

Custom made birdhouses using premium materials, stainless steel hardware, and sized perfectly for beautiful songbirds in the Rocky Mountains.

These birdhouses made for excellend end of year gifts for the clients of Black Swift.

Engraved Aluminum Trail Maps

Built with the design requirements of being weather proof, vandal resistant, and (most importantly) great looking. These trail map signs feature TIG welded steel frames, stainless steel hardware, and 1/4" thick anodized aluminum.

Engraving these maps required circuit board level precision across an area the size of a cutting board.

3D Printed Floor Plan Models

Showing a new home buyer a render and blueprint is a good place to start, but nothing beats the experience of holding a physical representation of the floor plan in the hand

These 3D Printed floor plans and the CNC carved terrain they fit in provide a tactile way to show a buyer what they are purchasing and how it will look after it's built.

Concrete Sales Table

Faux concrete table built for the new model home sales office in the Classic Homes Midtown Collection. In order to move the table and make is small enough to fit through a standard size door, the top was made to lift off the base.

The frame was built from 2x4’s with a simple construction method of butt joints, glue, and screws. Then the frame was covered in 3/8″ OSB and coated with Henry’s feather coat skim coating to create a faux concrete surface. Finally, a concrete sealer was applied in several coats to create a tough, waterproof seal.

Customized Cutting Boards

Customized cutting boards make excellent gifts for clients, employees, or loved ones.

We make a lot of customized cutting boards for real estate agents featuring the name of the seller or buyer, the make excellent closing gifts!

Black Swift Client Gifts

These bird logos were created for a company called Black Swift, they gave them to their clients as an end of the year thank you gift.

Each bird was CNC carved from a single piece of walnut. The bases were carved from Cherry, lightly tapered, and then engraved with the laser cutter.

Looking for More?

We're working on documenting all the wonderful projects we have had the honor of working on recently.
If you saw something of ours that isn't here, just ask! We would love to tell you all about it.


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