Woodworking will always have a soft spot in my heart. I still consider it to be my main method of building.


Cutting metal and melting it back together, making real mechanical parts form scratch, watching freshly cut chips fly, what's not to like?


Designing something in 3D is critical to solving difficult problems, understanding mechanical assemblies, generating accurate cost estimates, and programming CNC based machinery.

3D Printing

There’s nothing quite like designing something in a computer, hitting print, and having a material object in a few hours.

CNC Milling

Cutting plastic, wood, and metal with a computer controlled router. Accessable CNC technology is a truely pivotal concept for small job shops.

Laser Cutting

It's cutting stuff with lasers, need I say more?


Custom designed and built electronics to meet any applicaiton. Programmed to do exactly what you need, and to do it reliably until you tell it to stop.


Industrial fabric and sewing expertise including paraglider, parachute, and outdoor gear design, repair, and manufacture.

Recent Work

Take a peek inside the shop and see what we have been up to!
Project updates with progress picures are a standard part of our workflow. We want to make sure status and delivery dates stay transparent, as well as ensuring everything is coming along as expected.


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